Touring Prince Edward Island – Part 1.

Prince Edward Island is an absolutely enchanting place. It’s pretty, everywhere you look.
The first thing that strikes you when you visit for the first time is that the soil is a rich, vibrant red – redder than the Australian outback, which is also red.

We were only there for three days, which was nowhere near long enough. Sean and I explored the eastern half of the island as much as we could in that time with our wonderful friend and tour guide, Audrey, who lives on a gorgeous farm near Belfast, PEI.

2015-10-04 11.18.39 At Audrey's, Belfast, PEI


At Belfast there is an Acadian cemetery. The French were the first European people to settle the island, which they named Ile St. Jean. Many Acadians moved to the Island from Nova Scotia. When the British gained control of the island, most of the French residents left and returned to France.

The island’s name was changed by the British in 1798, most likely because the French had named every second place in their Canadian colonies after St John and, quite frankly, it was rather confusing. The name honoured the fourth son of the British king, who was commanding troops in Halifax at the time. Being the fourth son, they probably figured he wouldn’t be remembered for much else. As it turned out, he left another significant legacy – he was the father of Queen Victoria, one of Britain’s most famous queens.

0212 2015-10-04 11.01.50 Acadian Cemetery, Belfast, PEI


0217 2015-10-05 02.15.54 Orwell Cove, PEI



2015-10-04 12.55.55 Rustico Beach, PEI

That red sand left stains on my heart. I really, really loved this place.

2015-10-04 12.56.34 Rustico Beach, PEI



0225 2015-10-05 03.35.12

0220 2015-10-05 03.23.30 Hunter River, PEI


0222 2015-10-05 03.23.45


0223 2015-10-05 03.24.00


I mentioned New London in my previous post as the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery. It’s another gorgeous little fishing village that just begs to have its photo taken!

2015-10-04 17.03.02 New London, PEI


0297 2015-10-05 07.04.05


0295 2015-10-05 07.02.43 New London



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