Hall’s Harbour & Bay of Fundy, NS.

From Peggy’s Cove, we cut across the beautiful province of Nova Scotia to see the Bay of Fundy, something that we both had on our bucket lists.

The scenery here is rugged and dramatic. There’s nothing to protect you from the elements.

2015-10-02 16.13.52

2015-10-02 16.24.37

Hall’s Harbour is a small hamlet with friendly people and a lobster house restaurant right on the pier. Aces!

2015-10-02 16.00.51 Hall's Harbour, NS

Without realising it, we had landed in the place with the most extreme tidal variations in the world. At low tide, the boats sit on dry ground. At high tide… the marker stops at 41 feet.

You can see the height that the tides and waves regularly reach by looking at the treeline on the side of the hill by the bay. It may not be 41 feet, but it’s still a big difference!

2015-10-02 16.16.04

We had dinner in the Lobster Pound restaurant. Sean had Lobster Mac & Cheese, I had fish & chips.  We both really enjoyed the meal – fresh, delicious, and generous!

By the time we returned to Halifax that evening, we had gone across the province and back, and seen some incredibly beautiful scenery along the way.

2015-10-02 22.39.20 Exploration of NS




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