Lakeside Park Carousel, Port Dalhousie, ON.

In my previous post, I wrote about my first visit to Port Dalhousie with my brother, Sean. We returned on the following Sunday because we wanted to ride that carousel. I love carousels, and there aren’t so many of them around any more. Not in Australia, anyway.

2015-09-27 15.04.56 Port Dalhousie, St Catherine, ON

The Lakeside Park Carousel was built in 1903 and was painstakingly restored to its early 20th century glory in the 1980s. It has more than 60 hand-carved animals and bench seats that look like sleighs. A calliope organ plays songs from the early 1900s that make a ride on the carousel a trip into history.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this carousel is that a ride still only costs five cents. And every ride lasts more than five minutes. How’s that for value?


Yeah. We rode it more than once. We could afford it.

Click to see a video of the carousel… and another!

Click to see a video of the carousel from a rider’s perspective.





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